Why is STCW Important? (Aryavart Corporation International)

Aryavart Corporation International
Aryavart Corporation International

The best marine training institutes, such as the Aryavart Corporation International emphasize their students to undergo STCW curriculum. Let’s talk about it, what it is and why it is important. Read along.

STCW (Standards of Training, Certification & Watchkeeping) was first drafted in 1978. It is a set of qualification standards for the seagoing personnel on the merchant ships. It was put into force in the year 1984, and underwent a significant amendment in 1995.

STCW makes it compulsory for all the seagoing staff to undergo training, certification, and Watchkeeping to maintain the safety of the ship as well as the men on board. Since these rules were initially set by individual countries, there was a lot of variation in the rules set by each country.

STCW has the following standardizing norms:

Rest hours for Seafarers.
Competence certificates and grades.
Updated training modules.
Compulsory security training.
Comprehensive medical aids on board.
Alcohol limit in blood and breath.

Now let’s take a look at these points mentioned above. If you read carefully, all these standards are important to meet from all perspectives.

Think about it, rest is as important as working diligently. An overworked worker won’t be able to work at his full capabilities, especially under marine conditions, where the weather forecast is efficient but still unpredictable. Not only would it be counterproductive for the worker himself, it can also be quite dangerous for the ship and the crew as well!

Competence certifications are very important to judge the reliability and dependability of a man on board. You won’t like to have incompetent men among you, especially during adverse situations.

Training modules need to be updated for one reason. The times are changing and so is the technology. Your engines are far superior and efficient as compared to their old cousins. Updated technology also brings along new training. It’s good to have a lot of skills up your sleeves.

Safety and security drills are conducted to prepare men for any unfortunate event. It may not happen, but you need to be prepared for it.

IT is quite possible for men to get more than seasick. And depending on the condition of a patient, they may need to get to the shore ASAP or can be treated on the ship itself. In either case, the ship must be equipped to take care of an ailing man.

Alcohol, our best ally, and the worst foe! The life of a party, alcohol is also the drink that helps you to sleep through the wavy rides. Too much of it and you just found trouble for yourself, mate.  You are not supposed to operate heavy machinery and even drive vehicles in an inebriated state. This is not just you my friend, you’ve got yourself a whole crew to look after, and there are many families waiting for their son, their father, their brother to come home safely. Aryavart Corporation International urges you to be a responsible man and take this opportunity to lead by example.

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