Aryavart Corporation International

So what’s the first name that comes to your mind when you plan to join the merchant navy? There are many institutes out there that claim to offer you the best curriculum. The question is how the Aryavart Corporation International is different to all those institutes. Let’s talk about it.

What makes us different from the rest of the merchant navy institutes is our belief. We believe we can educate the young generation a lot more than mere syllabus, and we should. Yes, academics are important, but academics alone won’t prepare you for the professional world that you will enter after the completion of a curriculum. No matter what your stream is, no matter what profession you want to pursue, you should be prepared for the real life challenges, and not just for the entrance test and the interview. The real story begins after you clear these phases.

Merchant navy is no exception to this fact. And this is exactly why we offer a lot more than just books, books and more books. We prepare you for the real time situations. We equip you with correct skills needed to survive the seas. We equip you with the correct skills to lead by example, work as a team, and we prepare you to be worthy of being called an officer.

The charm, the aura, the pride that comes with this amazing line of work is definitely there. And it’s you who has be worthy of it, not the other way around. And this is exactly why we make sure our students start behaving like the merchant navy officers from the very first day. We teach them the curriculum, we train them for the decorum; we prepare them for the oddities of the marine world. And above all, we prepare them become an inspiration for generations to come.

We can surely talk a lot about our quality of service and education all day long. And we believe it’s perfectly alright if you don’t believe us. After all, there are claims, and then there are false claims, and we never know which one is right until we see it for ourselves.

We invite you to come to our institute and experience an amazing culture that is completely different from all other institutes. Aryavart Corporation International, a place where futures are not just shaped, but where futures are born!

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